Independent Trustee Services

Why choose an independent trustee

Pension schemes face a number of challenges, some of which can benefit from the support of an experienced industry professional.  Our independent, professional trustees can help deliver specialist knowledge, practical experience and, where appropriate, leadership to a pension scheme Trustee Board.  This may be for an ongoing appointment or on an interim basis.

How we can help

  • Leadership – helping to support the existing trustees
  • Managing conflicts of interest – helping identify, monitor and manage, real or potential conflicts
  • Sponsor restructures – adding in depth knowledge and support at times of sponsor mergers and acquisitions
  • Leading on actuarial valuations – where we can combine experience of leading on sponsor negotiations and Regulator discussions
  • Managing de-risking strategies – expertise in working with fiduciary managers and investment consultants
  • Guiding a scheme through PPF assessment – designed to help you take your scheme through the assessment period effectively and efficiently
  • Acting as sole trustee – where it becomes appropriate to manage the trustee business through a sole trustee appointment

Our independent trustees are comprised of business people, accountants, actuaries and lawyers.  That way we can help supply the independent trustee support your scheme requires.  All of our trustees are supported by our training programme and subject to peer review.

Meet Our Trustees